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  • Is the portrait drawn by hand?
    Yes, artist David Ilan places each dot by hand on a canvas. He uses a pen with a very small point, which is only .2 millimeters thick.
  • Is the drawing really all dots?
    Yes, there are no lines in the drawing. You can zoom into the image in the See the Drawing page.
  • Can anyone get a dot?
    Yes, there are no restrictions on who can get a dot. You can be any age and live anywhere. This project is open to everyone.
  • Is it really free?
    Absolutely. There will never be any charge to participate.
  • How do I get a dot?
    If you are not at a live event, you can get your dot simply by requesting one on the Get A Dot page. Easy!
  • Where will the drawing go once it is completed?
    The drawing will go on tour so many people will be able to see the original.
  • Can I get a copy of the drawing when it is finished?
    We may be able to send prints of the drawing once it is completed. Let us know you are interested by using our Contact Page.

List from Science Buddies

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